This is where it started

This is where it all started.  The idea was bouncing around in my mind for a while, but this is where I made my first concerted effort to write fiction.

My website is a little rough around the edges, but there will be much more to come in the future.


First Writing Desk
First Writing Desk

One thought on “This is where it started”

  1. Paul,
    As a Nam-era vet with, a PTSD diagnosis (only recognized and in treatment after 40 years), I was extremely, emotionally affected when I read this short story. I was in a Cancer treatment office and I did receive a (few?) strange looks when called as I tried to recover from the emotions as I left the waiting area. If this is an example of your work—- I will certainly be obtaining more of it.
    Thank you for this short but encouragingly educational piece. I can only hope more folks get to read it!

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